Would you give up great sex for THIS?

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For many Americans, skincare is more than just a surface-level concern: 47% of those polled said their skin is the main source of their insecurities. (Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash)

One in five Americans would rather have clearer skin than a fulfilling sex life, according to new stats.

A recent survey about health and self-confidence revealed that out of 2,000 U.S. adults, 21% would willingly give up sex for a year if it meant they could have perfect skin.

Other hypotheticals on the list included giving up Netflix and other streaming services for a year (28%), never using a smartphone again (21%), and only wearing the type of fashion that was popular when they were in middle school (22%).

Respondents from Generation Z (age 18–23) were most likely to give up sex for clear skin (31%), whereas baby boomers (age 56+) were much more likely to select “None of the above” when presented with the options above (47%).

Commissioned by Hanacure and conducted by OnePoll, the survey also determined that Americans spend an average of $42.31 a month on wellness products — and then spend 12 hours a month trying and using those products.

However, the average respondent only believes that one third (33%) of the products they’ve tried are actually effective.

Compared to other age groups, baby boomers are decidedly less interested in skincare products. They only spend an average of $23.78 and five hours each month and believe that only one-fifth (19%) of products are effective.

For many Americans, skincare is more than just a surface-level concern: 47% of those polled said their skin is the main source of their insecurities.

Seventy percent also admitted that their skin never feels as healthy as they think it should be, no matter what products they try.

“The skincare industry is bigger now than it’s ever been before, which comes with a lot of pros and cons for the average consumers,” said a spokesperson from Hanacure. “A greater variety of products means that your perfect skincare routine is out there, but it also makes discovering those products much more difficult for the average consumer. “

And 44% of respondents cited budget concerns as the biggest factor that holds them back from experimenting with new products, followed by a lack of patience to wait for results (33%) and skin sensitivities (27%).

“A lot of consumers believe they need a mini-fridge full of specialized serums to have the most effective skincare routine, and that just isn’t true,” the spokesperson continued. “A single product that can address multiple skin concerns can often be just as effective as several different ones used together.”

For most Americans, the average skincare routine involves three steps in the morning and three steps at night — anywhere between three and six separate products altogether.


  1. Give up streaming services for a year (28%)
  2. Only wear the style of clothing you had in middle school (22%)
  3. Give up sex for a year (21%)
  4. Go back in time and relive high school (21%)
  5. Never use a smartphone again (21%)
  6. Live with your high school nemesis in a studio apartment for a year (20%)
  7. Live in the woods without electricity for six months (20%)
  8. Only eat oatmeal for a year straight (19%)
  9. Never have chocolate again (19%)


  1. Exercise (29%)
  2. Go for a walk (26%)
  3. Listen to favorite song (25%)
  4. Set goals (24%)
  5. Eat favorite food (21%)
  6. Buy a new outfit (21%)
  7. Take a relaxing bath (21%)
  8. Cooking a nice meal (21%)
  9. Positive affirmations (21%)
  10. Watch a favorite movie (20%)

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