These are the most popular health hacks Americans use to get in shape

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Seven in 10 Americans are trying to kick their healthy lifestyle into high gear and are currently working towards a summer fitness goal, according to new research.

A study of 2,000 people examined people’s motivations for revamping their way of life and how they’re making healthy tweaks.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Smoothie King, showed that even in the age of Instagram, the number one goal of people opting into the wellness lifestyle was to better their overall health and feel good about themselves, rather than pursue image-led benefits or more vanity-driven aspirations.

Other prompts that led to people making fit decisions included: wanting to lose weight (54 percent), preparing for an upcoming event (30 percent) and increasing confidence (43 percent).

Americans were 126 times more likely to incorporate good choices into their routines to stay on track than massively overhaul their lifestyles.

Three in five decided to get a few more steps in and walk more while some did their best to steer clear of sugary foods (54 percent), office snacks (33 percent), fried foods (51 percent) and alcohol (41 percent) — well, as much as their willpower allowed them to.

“Regardless of your wellness journey, summer is a time when people want to look and feel their best,” said Smoothie King CEO Wan Kim. “Making healthy choices, like replacing a fast food lunch with our new Slim-N-Trim Veggie meal smoothie that includes two full servings of fruits and vegetables, is a delicious way to reach your summer goals.”

And if ever a moment of weakness does occur, the study also identified the most common motivational boosts that allow people to stay committed to their health and wellness goals.

The results revealed that receiving a compliment (59 percent), wearing a favorite outfit (48 percent), making a healthy choice (53 percent) or wrapping up a workout (44 percent) all topped a list of confidence boosters that enabled people to feel good about their progress.

For those trying to live a healthy lifestyle, one in four have made the start of summer their deadline to hit their personal goals.

Victory will surely be sweet and they’ll be able to celebrate with the activities that got them on a path to wellness in the first place.

Over half of those surveyed are looking forward to spending time outside, hanging out with their family, taking leisurely walks in the warm weather and enjoying a long-awaited vacation.

Kim added, “Change happens one choice at a time, and small tweaks to our eating can make a big impact. At Smoothie King, we offer Clean Blends that feature better ingredients to help our guests live their best lives.”


1. Want to lose weight 53%

2. I wanted to do something for me 45%

3. Health problems 45%

4. Gain confidence 43%

5. Upcoming event 30%


1. Receiving a nice compliment 59%

2. Making a healthy choice 53%

3. Wearing an outfit I like 48%

4. Finishing a workout 44%

5. Singing in the car 25%


1. Walking more 63%

2. Avoid sugary foods 54%

3. Avoid fried foods 51%

4. Taking the stairs 46%

5. Drink less alcohol 41%

6. Avoid office snacks 33%

7. Bring lunch to work 33%

8. Drink smoothies 31%


1. Avoid sugar 47%

2. Work out 43%

3. Eat vegetables 33%

4. Avoid work snacks 29%

5. Eat fruits 28%

6. Avoid alcohol 27%

7. Avoid smoking 26%


1. Spending time outside 56%

2. Spending time with family 55%

3. Taking leisurely walks outside 51%

4. Taking vacation 50%

5. Going to the beach 49%

6, Going to the park 47%

7. Going to the pool 43%

8. Having a picnic 42%

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