The top lifestyle changes Americans have made to be lead sustainable lives

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A study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Beef + Lamb New Zealand, found Americans are increasingly making sustainability a priority in their everyday lives. (Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash)

In a bid to be more environmentally conscious, 85% of Americans have made at least one positive change in their lifestyle in the past year.

A new survey of 2,000 Americans showed that while the average American has made three positive changes, 41% of those polled said they’ve made even more than that.

Four in 10 of those polled said they make an environmentally-conscious decision at least once a week, and nearly one in three said they do so daily.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Beef + Lamb New Zealand, found Americans are increasingly making sustainability a priority in their everyday lives.

In the past year, 45% of Americans polled said they’ve cut down on wasting food and 27% said they’ve made a better effort to buy products with traceability labeling.

One in three said they’ve begun recycling more in the past 12 months, while 31% said they’ve cut down on plastic use and nearly 25% have reduced water usage in their homes.

According to the results, environmental awareness appears to grow with time and age.

Seven in 10 respondents said the more they age, the more environmentally conscious they become, with nearly six in 10 saying they are more environmentally aware now than they were five years ago.

Nearly seven in 10 of those surveyed said buying food products that are sustainably raised or produced is a priority and Americans would pay an average of 37% more for meat or other animal products if they knew the animal was humanely treated.

For many Americans, it’s about trying to make a difference.

Four in five said they feel they’re making a difference when they make an environmentally-conscious decision, with another 80% saying it makes them feel better about themselves.

“Everyone can take steps — even small steps — to help not only slow the decline of nature globally, but to help rehabilitate our ecosystem as well,” said Michael Wan, Global Manager, Beef + Lamb New Zealand.

“In New Zealand, we are proud of our country’s lush landscapes and beauty, but we are even more proud of our dedication to keeping our environment clean, green and healthy.”

The biggest reason those surveyed cite for their environmentally-conscious lifestyle changes is a growing concern of global warming (70%).

Sixty-six percent said they care about protecting ecosystems and want to help save animals from extinction.

Two in three Americans surveyed said they care about sustainable food production because they are worried about what they or their family eat.

“Beef + Lamb New Zealand is proud to represent farmers who are committed to raising animals humanely, while also preserving biodiversity, reducing carbon emissions and protecting the water, soil and air,” said Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Wan.

“In turn, consumers can truly taste pure nature when they enjoy sustainably raised grass-fed beef and lamb from New Zealand.”

The great news is that a growing interest in becoming more eco-aware is a movement that’s contagious: Half of those polled said they’ve influenced somebody else to be more environmentally conscious, with the average respondent saying they’ve swayed three of their friends.


  1. Not wasting food 45%
  2. Turning off electronics when I’m not using them 42%
  3. Purchasing food that is sustainably raised or produced 37%
  4. Recycling more 34%
  5. Cutting down on plastic use 31%
  6. Buying products with traceability labeling 27%
  7. Reducing water usage in my home 25%
  8. Using eco-friendly products 25%
  9. Composting 24%
  10. Fixing broken items instead of throwing them away 24%

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