Most Americans say they have been saving up to make the holidays extra special during 2020

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According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of BJ’s Wholesale Club, over half of respondents think they will be more creative and thoughtful with gift-giving this year by shopping online. Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Six in ten Americans expect to be receiving more “creative” gifts than ever before from their loved ones this holiday season, according to new research.

And it may be in hopes to make this a season to remember, as nearly three in four Americans say they are planning on making this holiday season a memorable one.

The survey of 2,000 Americans found that in order to achieve this, one in five started their holiday shopping in September.

The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of BJ’s Wholesale Club, took a look at how Americans are doing their holiday shopping during this unusual year.

According to the results, all but five percent of those polled plan to start their holiday shopping before December.

Since there will be a greater emphasis on online shopping this year than in the past, 71% said they plan on spending a good amount of time researching the best deals and discounts before purchasing anything.

And for those who will shop in-store, 70% of those polled said they plan on doing their holiday shopping at big, all-encompassing stores in order to cut down on how many trips they take.

While 56% of those polled said they’ll miss the in-store “treasure hunt” aspect of holiday shopping this year, most feel as though they’ll wind up being more creative and thoughtful with their gift-giving by shopping online.

Most respondents feel confident that they’ll find what they need by shopping online, but one out of three (34%) still say they plan to buy at least one holiday item or gift only in-store. The majority agree that they’ll plan to use digital services to make that process easier.

“This year, more than ever, shoppers are looking for easy, convenient ways to check off their holiday list in a one-stop shop,” said Monica Schwartz, senior vice president, Chief Digital Officer, BJ’s Wholesale Club. “The survey data showed that six in ten Americans polled plan on utilizing digital services this holiday season. We’re offering our members the joy of choices so they can shop however they want with a variety of convenient digital options like free curbside pickup, free pick-up in club, and more. Whether you’re shopping for gifts, décor or your weekly groceries, BJ’s helps you save time and money so you can enjoy the holidays with your family.”

More than four in ten respondents (42%) also say that they will purchase gifts for people that they’ve never previously bought for.

In fact, the average American surveyed will be getting gifts for nine people this holiday season, with 40% having 11 or more people on their shopping list.

Six in ten Americans polled say they have been specifically saving up to make the holidays special this year.

The average American who took the survey said they plan on spending $370 on holiday gifts for loved ones this year.

Nearly half (45%) say they plan to spend more than $400, with 16% planning to spend over $700.

“The survey data showed that half of Americans miss the ‘treasure hunt’ of shopping in-store,” continued Schwartz. “BJ’s members can enjoy the same great shopping experience from the comfort of their couch this holiday season, with new offers and even more products on our website, so they know they’re getting what they want at a value they love.”

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