Americans in quarantine look forward to these ‘little joys’

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A new study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Bubbies Ice Cream finds that its the little things that bring people the most joy. (Photo by Kristina Petrick on Unsplash)

Seeing a loved one after being apart for a while, sleeping in a freshly made bed and feeling the sun on their face are Americans’ top “little joys,” according to new research.

Following those, the survey of 2,000 Americans revealed getting something for free and having time alone rounded out the top five little things they look forward to.

The average respondent experiences four of these small things per day, and results revealed 83% of respondents agree: it’s the little things in their day that bring the most joy.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Bubbies Ice Cream, the survey found many of the little things respondents look forward to relate back to nature and the great outdoors.

Listening to rainfall or a thunderstorm while inside, having a sunny, blue-sky day and the smell of the ocean all made it into the top 30.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that 72% said they’re more likely to find “little joys” in the summer.

And that’s especially true this year: 78% said the little things have become even more important to them in the past few months.

Results revealed 56% even have something small they’re looking forward to tomorrow.

And for many, they’re looking forward to something sweet — on the list of little joys, several of the top 30 were dessert focused, including the smell of freshly-made baked goods.

Also in the top 30 were having a treat in the evening, chocolate melting in their mouth and sharing a treat with a loved one.

Sixty-eight percent said having something sweet at the end of the day helps to boost their mood, and the average respondent said they treat themselves to something sweet about four times per week.

Even then, 52% said they’d like to eat more sweets than they currently do and 71% of respondents said they are more likely to treat themselves with desserts made from real ingredients.

“Looking forward to something at the end of the day, like mochi ice cream after dinner, is something that doesn’t lose its luster over time,” noted Katie Cline, Vice President of Marketing at Bubbies Ice Cream. “We’ve seen the joy that comes from these mindful indulgences and know that celebrating the small moments in life is critical when it comes to navigating stressful times.”

The survey revealed 64% of respondents have a sweet tooth, and the survey also delved into the personality differences between those who have a sweet tooth and those who don’t.

Those with a sweet tooth were more likely to say they’re typically a happy person (52% vs. 34%) — and they were also more likely to say they’re optimistic (52% vs. 42%).

More than that, those with a sweet tooth were more likely to say they look for the silver lining when things so wrong (49% vs. 38%).

“We aim to spread happiness and joy through our playful mochi ice cream flavors, so it’s no surprise to us that those with a sweet tooth might actually have a ‘sweeter’ outlook as well,” said Cline.

“We’ve also found that only using real ingredients in our super-premium mochi ice cream is a major differentiator for us, so it’s encouraging to hear that so many people take that into consideration when looking for a mindful indulgence.”

1. Seeing a loved one after being apart for a while 40%
2. Sleeping in a freshly made bed 39%
3. Feeling the sun on my face 39%
4. Getting something for free 39%
5. Having time to myself 35%
6. Hugging a loved one 33%
7. Finding money I didn’t know I had 32%
8. The first sip of coffee in the morning 30%
9. The clean feeling after a shower 30%
10. Receiving an “I’ve been thinking about you” type text 28%
11. Talking to or playing with my pet 27%
12. Laughing so hard I cry 27%
13. Video chatting with a loved one 27%
14. Doing something kind for someone else 27%
15. Listening to rainfall or a thunderstorm while inside 26%
16. When my favorite song comes on the radio 26%
17. Reaching a personal goal 26%
18. When a song I forgot I loved comes on the radio 26%
19. Chocolate melting in my mouth 25%
20. Having a treat/dessert in the evening 25%
21. Receiving a compliment from a stranger 25%
22. The smell of freshly laundered clothes/bedding 24%
23. Having a sunny, blue sky day 24%
24. Doing something active outdoors (e.g. bike ride, run, walk) 23%
25. Knowing it’s Friday 23%
26. The smell of freshly made baked goods 22%
27. The smell of the ocean 22%
28. Sharing a treat with a loved one 22%
29. Cuddling on the couch with a loved one 21%
30. Coming home to see my dog at the end of the day 21%

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