Americans getting their fill of pumpkin spice and everything nice as we bring in the fall season

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According to a survey commissioned by Stuffed Puffs and conducted by OnePoll, watching the leaves change color (51%), feeling the chill in the air (45%) and drinking hot chocolate (44%) were voted the three best aspects of fall. (Photo by Alex Geerts on Unsplash)

The perfect temperature for fall is 53 degrees Fahrenheit, according to new research.

And we’re currently in the peak of fall: the survey of 2,000 Americans revealed the first two weeks of October are the best time for the season.

Results show that the fall season starts when the leaves change color, but when they have not completely fallen yet — and when it is chilly out, but there is not yet a need for a heavy jacket.

Commissioned by the chocolate-filled marshmallow brand, Stuffed Puffs, and conducted by OnePoll, the survey not only looked at when we know fall has started but also at the little things respondents look forward to most about the season.

Watching the leaves change color (51%), feeling the chill in the air (45%) and drinking hot chocolate (44%) were voted the three best aspects of fall.

This was also followed by getting ready for the holidays (40%) and making homemade soup (40%).

Various baking and cooking items featured high on the list — beginning to cook holiday foods, baking pies and having cinnamon apple food and drinks all featured in the top 20.

That’s in addition to having pumpkin spice-flavored food and drinks, drinking hot apple cider and making pumpkin bread.

Those items showed a trend in the things respondents are looking forward to this fall: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 68% are planning more quiet, indoor activities this year than in previous years.

Thirty-one percent of respondents said the pandemic has made it unable for them to participate in all the fall activities they normally do, while 31% said some activities are now unavailable.

Instead, they’re spending time around the house, and 28% of respondents are planning to eat more holiday foods this year, compared to previous years.

“We’re sad to see a third of respondents aren’t able to do any of the fall activities they typically enjoy,” said Michael Tierney the CEO and Founder at Stuffed Puffs. “But many respondents are adapting to this year’s unusual circumstances — it’s a great opportunity to introduce new traditions, whether that’s watching a scary movie every Friday or a virtual bake-off on the weekends.”

“We want to help people to make the most of fall so we offer a variety of recipes on our website for families to try. From pumpkin spice lattes or hot chocolate to s’mores cheesecake and Halloween party pops, everyone can find something to make this season.”

Even though fall may look different this year, 56% of respondents said they’re happier in fall compared to other seasons.

And 33% said fall was their favorite time of the year, more so than any other season.
Those who selected fall as their favorite season were most likely to be adventurous and sarcastic, and they were also more likely to self-identify as rebellious.

Fall-loving respondents were revealed to be the ones who were most likely to choose horror and thriller as their most-loved movie genres, which makes sense, given the nature of Halloween movies.

“It came as no surprise that fall is Americans’ favorite season: there’s so much to do, from baking pumpkin pies to carving pumpkins,” said Tierney. “It’s still nice enough to go outside for some socially-distanced fun, and on the colder days, families can spend time together inside, drink hot chocolate with roasted marshmallows, cook seasonal foods and put up their spooky decorations.”

Watching the leaves change color 51%
The chill in the air 45%
Drinking hot chocolate 44%
Getting ready for the holidays 40%
Making homemade soup 40%
Beginning to cook holiday foods 35%
Watching Halloween movies 35%
Wearing big sweaters 35%
Listening to the sound of rain on my roof 34%
Lighting seasonal candles 33%
Baking pies 31%
Having cinnamon apple food/drinks 31%
Making pumpkin pie 31%
Having pumpkin spice food/drinks 30%
Drinking hot apple cider 29%
Carving pumpkins 29%
Wearing chunky socks and boots 29%
Stepping on crunchy leaves 28%
Wearing plaid/flannels 28%
Baking pumpkin bread 28%
Going “leaf peeping” 27%
Having a backyard campfire with friends 27%
Seeing my breath when walking outside 27%
Roasting marshmallows 27%
Eating candy apples 26%
Taking fall-themed photos 26%
Seeing frost on the grass 25%
Going pumpkin picking 25%
Eating pumpkin seeds 25%
Wearing scarves 25%

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